Reply To: Handsaw that do what a bend saw usually do

Colin Scowen

It is also worth considering how often you will do this, and how much other rip sawing you are likely to be doing. Occasional resawing with a saw is OK, as long as you resharpen it when needed.
Personally, I would not look on ebay, but that may be your only option, depending on where in the world you are located. (Let us know, as there are often second hand tool sites at a national level that others may know of that can give better value.)
It is also worth looking at a new saw, rather than a second hand one, even if it is only to get an idea how much you might want to pay for the second hand one, Spear and Jackson for example. As long as you make sure the blade does not have induction hardened teeth, then it should be possible to re-sharpen / shape them.

Colin, Czech Rep.