Reply To: Handsaw that do what a bend saw usually do

Sebastien Rousseau

Thank you, Colin and Edmund, for the detailed information, this is very interesting, I didn’t know these brands, Bad Axe saw look really awesome but very expensive (the quality have a price I know).

I’m located in Quebec, Canada. I don’t know any vendor of vintage tools in my area, I try to find some gems at a good price on local classified ad websites but it’s very rare (for instance, I found an early no4 for 4$ in good condition). I agree eBay is not the best option, I found it’s hard to select a saw without being able to have it in hand for an inspection.
Since I have a long list of tools to buy, I want to start with one general purpose panel saw (that can resaw of course) of good quality that will outlive me.

If you have to recommend one saw (new or used) to a starter like me, which one you will choose? Like the budget have a big influence, I could put something around 100-125$. I not looking to get a brand specifically, Disston is the first brand I found during my early research. (I took note of the D-12).