Reply To: Is this Oak any good?

Shaun Van Arsdale

The biggest logs could be quarter sawn this will give the most stable wood for furniture or other fine things that will have the least amount of movement in the different seasons.
The smaller logs could be flat sawn or what ever your sawyer recommends for the type of wood.
Wood air dries 1 inch a year so a two inch board will require a minimum of two years before use.
It will require stickers between each layer to allow maximum air around each board. This link may help you get ready to work with your wood.
Very satisfying making things from the wood you have taken care to work from the log to table or chair so to speak.
It might be a black oak or some other variation hard to tell with out the leaf or the smell of the sawdust. But not all of same trees smell the same either.
One tree cut up buy a ceptic field discharge smelled like the wastewater. Not pleasant in the least.
Good luck to your endeavors the results will be a treat to your soul.