Reply To: Buying sash clamps

Matt Mahan

This will come down to personal preference, but my personal take on clamps is that I like them as cheap as possible. The sash clamps I’ve used for 6-7 years now were from Harbor Freight and astoundingly cheap. I followed Paul’s video on how to “upgrade” these clamps with scraps of pine and a little fettling, and they work flawlessly. I love that I don’t need to baby them or worry about getting glue on them because they’re inexpensively replaced should the worst happen. On the other side of the argument, I have friends that are heavily invested by thousands of dollars in Bessey clamps and they swear by them.
So, your call. Certainly, the Jorgensen or Dubuque clamps will require less fettling than the cheapest-of-cheap harbor freight clamps, so there’s a benefit to consider.