Reply To: Planing Beech

Joost Borst

Hi Stijn,

Thanks for the tips.
I checked the angle of my iron when I came home today, it is around 23° maybe I should actually increase the angle a bit on the next sharpening. Maybe it gets dull to quickly cause of the shallow angle.

The oil on the sole is a good one I keep forgetting to use the rag in a can, i’ll give that a try next time.

The beech beam does have a slight bend in it that I’m trying to get out.

Unfortunately I do have a good excuse to not start on a workbench, I live in a apartment with not enough room to build a proper bench in the storage room. We plan on moving to a proper house with a garage next year. That is where I’ll build my proper workbench.

Kind regards,


P.S. the plow plane you sold me works tremendously, someday I will remember to post some pictures of all the projects it helped me make so far.