Reply To: Restoring a wooden rebate plane

Julio T.

The wood is called in spanish Encina (Quercus ilex). I’ve found Holm Oak as translation. This species belongs to the family of Oak, although it is not a real oak. This wood is very hard and beatiful, but very prone to twisting and cracking. It was very common in wooden tools from many spanish tool makers, despite this problem, decades ago.

Tools of this kind an with this wood are very frequent in flea-markets in spain, badly twisted, worn, unsquared and cracked normally, but they can be bought for a few euros and sometimes they can be decently restored and come back to life. I bought two of them for five euros of the spanish maker “Castillo”. The first one I restored is the one on this post.

Unfortunately, I still haven’t been able to make it work in the project for I restored it. Two days after taking these pics I had a fall at home and I broke two bones of my left wrist, so my woodworking will be stopped until I finish my rehabilitation.