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The toolbox is much better to start with. The tills and the secondary box itself can work nicely on the workbench and put back again.

Honestly, I’ve two tool cabinets but I hardly keep it organised. All my tools end up being on the benches.

I’m about to start on making my Paul Sellers workbench. As soon as that’s done, my next priority will be to use that bench to make something to keep all my hand tools in. I’m wondering whether I should make the joiner’s tool box or the wall cabinet. I’m kind of leaning toward the tool box, as it seem that would protect my tools a lot better. My workshop is my detached, unfinished and uninsulated wood frame garage where I also use some power tools. It would seem that the tool box would keep more dust and moisture, and thus, rust, away from my tools. The cabinet sounds like a better idea only if I want to display my tools and have them better organized. I notice that Paul doesn’t use that massive tool cabinet with the sloping shelves and 3 drawers anymore, but now has simple shelving affixed to the wall for his tools. And I’m not sure whether that’s more for visual reasons as a backdrop for his videos than for storage and organization.