Reply To: keeping the bandsaw blade clean

Barry B

Hi Larry,

Thanks for the reply. You gave some good insights. I went over my saw (14″ Rikon) and gave the tires a good cleaning, vacuumed all the residual dust, checked that the lower wheel brush was still adjusted correctly and that the guide bearings were adjusted correctly. I only use 3-4 TPI skip tooth blades and they are still sharp. I use a shopvac with the most CFM i could find (and afford) with a cyclone separator as my dust collector.

I’m pretty sure the main culprit in this case is the wood (construction grade pine with a lot of small resinous knots). I will try using the ‘rag in a can’ oiler and see if that helps. I should be cleaning the blade after each sawing session (it’s just normal maintenance, but easy to overlook!)

Thanks and regards