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John Carey

I happened to look at my reply post to you and it was just a nightmare to read and figure out so hear it is again just my answers and reply back to you.
To Ed,

[>] That is why I am hear, to learn. I have an idea of what it is I am after, Is it the correct path not 100% sure so why not ask and see and learn. I am open to any and all suggestions and advise.]

[>] I understand that now from what Matt and Larry told me. The 55° frog would be a nightmare in a #5jack so that is out the window was worth asking about though.]

[>] Ill be using NA hardwoods as well, I just mentioned exotics as I like those as well that is why I thought the 55° frog would be great addition to the #5. Now I know its not.]

[>] I could be wrong but from what I have read the L-N #5 the cheeks are perpendicular to the sole of the plane so I could use that on the shooting board. ]

[>] was going to invest in the Veritas MK II Honing Guide to go along with my Shapton Kuromaku ceramic stones 120-30K have the full set plus the Shapton glass diamond lapping plate to keep my stones flat. I am far from a new to sharping bit of a knife addict. I have single bevel knives and double, and can make all my knives push cut through tissue paper.

That said I know a plane iron can’t have as much variance as a knife blade, that is why I am getting the Veritas Mk II Honing Guide to make sure they stay straight and not skewed when honing.]

[>] I like what your saying but I do know I am dead set into doing this. I am a carpenter by trade just now realizing doing work by hand is much more enjoyable and satisfying to me as I get older.

So you would get 2 blades for the #4 1 for scrub work and 1 for all the other work. I said 2 planes as that is what I realistically have the funds for at the moment if had to buy new and can’t find a reasonably used one for sale. That is why the whole #5 and Low Angle Jack was the original game plan.

I do know I want a plow and router plane those are self explanatory and exactly needed for the kind of work I am going to be wanting to do. Yet have to get the horse before you can pull the wagon and I do have a router and dado stack for the table saw with a sled so can wait on those for the time being.]

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