Reply To: What 2 hand planes to start with.


I am not as advanced as some of the folks around here, but for what it is worth, most of what I do is done with a #4 or#5, a plow plane and a router plane. Paul never uses a #7 (jointer plane) for jointing, but some folk like it, and I am one of them.

I quite like the veritas router plane and I use more than the basic blade for various things, but all the mechanical parts not so great. The depth adjusters are very sloppy and the depth stop is hard to tighten. Still I use it a lot.

I do not like my veritas #5 (or whatever it is) and almost never use it. Too heavy and somehow, no matter how sharp I get the blade, I do not like its performance. I much prefer my old Stanleys and even an old Wards Master or Sargent.

You mention the MK II honing guide. I do have a variety of honing guides including the MK II. I had it before I learned Paul’s method of sharpening. The Mk II worked fine and gave me a good edge. And as I began to sharpen using Paul’s free hand method, I did find my chisels in particular, and my narrow chisels in double particular, got out of square and I used the Mk II to straighten them. But at some point I realized I did not need the honing guide any more for anything. My chisels and planes were as sharp, using Paul’s method, as I could get them with the MK II and I never got them out of square. I guess that is one of those little successes that sneak up on you though practice.