Reply To: What 2 hand planes to start with.

John Carey

Hi John,
Just off to work but watched your videos of the new plane performing. Nice work getting the plane going!
Those are about the width of the shavings I take with my #4 at the moment as well.
I see that your shavings are thin, but in time can get thinner when you wish to do final smoothing.
I vary both shaving width and shaving thickness based on the work.
You see Paul increasing his blade protrusion to hog off material, then dialing it back to smooth out.
Well done, and what a satisfying thing to be able to accomplish. You are off to the races with a fine Heirloom quality #4.

Well that puts me at ease. I thought I may have done something wrong. The shavings break off about 12-15″? they don’t go full length of the board and they seem to tapper at the beginning and ends, Is that normal? I put a slight chamfer one the blade and can’t feel streaks/ tracks where I ran the plane so I think it is correct. That is why i tried to show the board to the best I could so you could see what it left after planning.