Reply To: What 2 hand planes to start with.

John Carey

I very much thank the both of you for your very thoughtful and well thought out responses. It has been a very great and enlightening read. I can assure you, your words are not falling on deaf ears. No worries Ed I see no disrespect in any of your words. I am a apprentice of life always willing to hear new idea’s and ways to do things.

I was not discouraged nor dis-satisfied by the results I received yesterday. I knew right from the get-go that this was going to be a learning experience and was not going to receive “perfect” results right from the start. I totally understand why you mention not to look at this like a machinist, that would be futile. Wood is a living object it moves and changes.

I have noticed while watching Paul’s videos he makes one face “true” and uses that as his reference point. Now by true that can mean what ever he deems necessary and needed for that said project. What is “true” for project A can be totally different from project B and vise versa.

As far as a work bench to plane on, as of right now I have just a bench I inherited. While sturdy not exactly flat at the moment so I make do as like Ed and use MDF to have a flat surface. I am planning on over the winter to make a top for it.

Again I want to thank you for your very helpful and knowledgeable advise it has been a great help to me.