Reply To: Router plane- precise adjustments


I quite like the Veritas router plane, but I have had the same problem. You try to adjust the blade down by turning the knob and it does not move, and does not move and does not move until, oops, it moves way too much. As you say, this is because it sticks by friction at the previous setting rather than dropping in proper increments. Given how much play there is in the mechanism, you can turn the adjuster a long way before it engages the blade and pushes it down. I only discovered part of the process you describe Ed. As I adjust the cutter down by small steps, I push the top of the cutter post as you describe to overcome that stickiness. I will try the rest of your instructions next time I use it. Thanks for them.

I am not sure why they made it that way. Even brand new the thing had a huge amount of backlash! I have used other router planes that do not have this problem, e.g., the Lie Nielsen and some old Stanley’s.

Oh, one other problem with this plane is the depth stop is not very good. You have to tighten two nuts to lock them together. I have to be very careful tightening them or they slip. Depending on what you are doing, that can be a real oops!

Still, I like the plane.