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Hi Ron,

In all honesty I prefer a taller bench, as it helps avoid back fatigue when working for long periods.  For myself (Standing at 6’2″) this means a working surface at 39″ (Belt buckle/just below belly button height in my case), but there’s no one size fits all or regulation height that everyone can work to.  I’d be positively bent double all day if working to Chris Schwarz’s formula for calculating bench heights and in a world of pain after a long stint at my benches.  We all differ in physique (Torso length, arm length, leg length, etc., physical condition and how various types of work can fatigue our bodies in different ways.

I’d err on the side of crafting a new bench reasonably high, but with the intention of reducing it’s height if need be.  If a bench proves too low, it can always be heightened, but I prefer bench legs without heels 😀