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Sergey Zolotaryov


Just my 50 cents. Once I started doing something with wood I have bought a set of chinese ‘chisel shaped objects’, which could not be sharpened – the edge just broke off or would not stand any substantial amount of work – after the first touch on wood the edge would chip or bend. I had no money for the LN or Narex so I decided to scavenge ebay for the used ones. I was really amazed when after having obtained my first real piece of steel I was able to shave my forearm with it and it stood 2 hours of continuous smashing against oak. So my advice for those who cannot afford the new ones: They still have plenty 🙂

My preferred brands include old Sorby and Marples. The former is a bit better in my opinion. A good price if you snipe would be around 5-6 pounds. If any seller has multiple lots try to buy in bulk to save on shipping, this makes for a very nice set at an affordable price.