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Hi Jesper,

I’ll answer as best I can 🙂

Planing is much like using mallet and chisel, as you need to try and focus at all times.

1.  Placing the front of the plane (The area from toe to front of mouth) upon the work piece, you should have sufficient pressure to hold the plane in place using only your leading hand….  The hand holding the knob.  The degree of pressure varies depending on both plane and wood, but shouldn’t be physically difficult to maintain if setting the plane for a lighter cut.

2.  The simplest set up for squaring a blade is;

a.  Place a piece of scrap timber in the vise with grain running up hill and away from you.

b.  Set the plane for a fine cut.  Primarily zero the blade and – while attempting to plane the edge – gradually adjust it forward between each stroke.

c.  Once you begin taking fine shavings, plane the wood using the right side of the edge and then plane the surface using the left side of the edge.

d.  Adjust the blade until you’re taking even shavings with each side of the edge.

The blade is set squarely to the sole of the plane once you’ve begun taking matching shaving with each side of the edge. 🙂