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If you need to wax a surface but find the wax clumps or won’t spread evenly, nip indoors and “borrow” a hair drier or use a hot air paint stripper to heat the wax.  You’ll soon find any problems soon melt away. 😉

Depending on the brand, I think beeswax can sometimes gum up surfaces and know it tends to be a bit sticky when in block form.  Fine mineral oil is good and often available from pharmacists  Pasi 😉  Fine machine oil also works well too, but beware heavier oils. 🙂

I found WD40 didn’t perform anywhere near as well as mineral/3 in 1 oil, as blades would still develop rust.  The old timers used to use vaseline/petroleum jelly as a means of rust proofing and lubricating tools. 🙂