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Rob Young

I was given a set as a thank-you gift for work at a woodworking show. Short answer – they are good chisels.
The steel is no O1 or A2 but rather one of the knifemaker’s “silversteel” types. It sharpens similar to A2 and seems to hold and edge well but my set at least prefers to be sharpened at a slightly steeper angle than 25 to 30 degrees. And being a harder steel than O1, it takes a bit more work at the stones and strop.
The backs came quite flat but as with most new chisels, they needed a touch up.
The handle shape is comfortable but for me a bit short and sharp at the end. So if you are going to be using the palm of your hand to punch them along, it may feel a bit uncomfortable.
The sides bevel down reasonably thin but I’ve seen others that are thinner (LN, Two Cherries for example). But noticeably thinner than many of the chisel shaped objects available for less money.
I don’t think I would have bought them for myself but they are nice and I do enjoy using them.