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Hi Jon,

Combination and plough planes cut cross grain with little/no problems as long as the end grain adjacent with the rebate or housing is cleanly cut (e.g knife wall method or using integral cutting spurs).

Record # 050’s generally go for between £20 – £35 complete with all cutters and box

Record #044’s generally go for between £15 – £30 complete

Stanley 50/13’s generally go for silly money at between £10 – £25 complete (Often un-used)

Record #405’s vary widely between £30 – £175 complete (I just picked one up for my son @ £52 a few weeks ago)


The above are the heavier plough and combination planes that tend to be suited to a better selection in cutter widths.  The #50/050 and 405 can handle additional cutters (With the 405 being more versatile), but the question would be whether of not you’d use them.

Lighter-weight and smaller number of cutter options can be found with Record’s #40 & 43, but they’re great for draw-slip and smaller rebate/ploughing work. 🙂

Another very well worthwhile plane to have in your arsenal (As there’s an overlap between ploughing and rebating) is the #78/078, or 778 fillister plane, but the ongoing list can prove endless, depending on the style and types of work you’ll be involved in.  Of the three, I’d opt for a 778, as it has far better depth adjustment and a more stable fence arrangement.