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Glad I came to this forum as I was just about to post the same question as Dennis in the Router Plane string under General Woodworking.

I think the way to go for me is either a plough or combination plane – I have a router plane which is great for what it is, but not sure I have the skill to use it for creating and not just cleaning out dados. I want to make some drawers for my workbench and thought that the plough plane looks ideal for creating the dados/grooves that will hold the drawer bottom into the sides and front.  I’ve a couple of questions though which I hope you experts can help me with:

1. Can a combination plane do rabbetts/rebates on the end of panels?  the Stanley #50 blurb suggests it could (same kind of functionality as you’d get from a dedicated rebate plane) but I’ve seen no examples of it in practice.

2. What would be a reasonable price to pay for a used one on eBay? I’m in the UK by the way.

Big thanks as always.


Yorkshireman currently living in Hampshire