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Hi Jeff,

It’s marked as a “#2” & “British Made”.  They were very common here once upon a time, but seldom see use on anything other than roughing/scrubbing timber down to size.  Irons tend to be square edged when you pick them up, but primarily because many users prefer to set their own radii (Which I did in this instance).  I tend to eyeball radii for this kind of use, but would estimate the arc as being between an 8″ – 10″ radius.

The cutting iron is of minimal thickness at 1/16″ or 0.056″ and 1-5/8″ wide, while the plane itself is 8-1/16″ from toe to heel by 2″ wide.  There is scope for fitting a heavier iron, but the extant iron serves it’s purpose and holds it’s edge extremely well.

I’ve a Record scrub plane somewhere, but think my son “borrowed” it for work and I need to get it back.