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Ken, I was in your shoes a month ago or so. Choosing between Lie-Nielsen and Veritas for a new router plane.
From the information I collected before my purchase you really can’t go wrong with either one.
The Veritas comes with two blades (in Europe? Or perhaps it used to be be three blades…), straight and point 1/2 inch, and no fence. The larger blades dismount from the stem in order to ease sharpening, included is a jig that enables you to place the iron in a normal honing guide.
Lie-Nielsen ships with only one blade but includes the fence. The irons are one solid piece and will require some trix when sharpening (no big deal).
I went with the Veritas plane eventually and havn’t been disappointed!
Here are links to some online reviews of the Veritas plane. Please note that they are reviewing the old version with a different depthstop mechanism.
Veritas Router Plane Review by Chris Schwarz
Router Plane Review by Derek Cohen
Veritas Router Plane Review by Alf on UKWorkshop forum
Happy shopping 🙂

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