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George Bridgeman

I’ve been having a rough time with my sharpening routine. I started out with two 6×2″ diamond stones (medium and fine), thinking I needed to save some cash and I wouldn’t miss the extra space provides by the 8×3″ ones. Boy have I struggled with them! There’s just not enough room to sharpen a plane iron comfortably. I then got an 8×3″ Norton combination stone, 1000 and 8000 grit. It cuts much quicker than the diamond stones but I think the 4000 is needed as it takes ages to get the 1000 grit scratches out on the 8000. Flattening the faces is easy and quick but the whole affair is so messy. I stropped after using the finest diamond or water stone and always got a good edge but it took me ages and I didn’t enjoy either process so put off sharpening and got frustrated when my dull tools gave crappy results.

After all that, I have had enough. I’ve just got married so have less things to save for and think I’m just going to pony up the cash for three 8×2″ eze lap diamond stones. Medium, fine and extra fine. I’ve got an electric grinder if I need to regrind bevels.

Fingers crossed sharpening will be less of a chore with them!


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