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Joseph Sellers

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the comments.

We had to a certain extent anticipated concerns regarding the scale/complexity of the rocking chair project. I will do my best to explain why we think this will work.

The wall clock actually, on paper anyway, is quite a complex project for beginner woodworkers. However when broken down to a step by step project each step seems very achievable. I anticipate that you will find it is the same with the rocking chair. It is a bigger project but have faith in yourselves and us. Each step will be explained thoroughly and simply. I do not anticipate that the individual steps will be that much more complicated than the clock.

Don’t get me wrong it is a far more complex project overall but don’t be intimidated the individual steps are achievable.

Here is our basic logic:

On this project there are a lot of repeated steps. We will show each individual step in great detail once (sometimes twice). There are 48 mortise and tenon joints. We will probably only show cutting about 8 of these but very slowly and carefully. There is a huge scope for practice in this chair. There are 16 joints that make up the frame that goes around the seat. If you cut the first one and it is slightly loose you have 15 more to cut and in the scheme of things 1 slightly loose joint in 16 in not actually much of a weakness.

We want to create a culture of learning by doing and creating projects we can be proud of (this does not exclude in any way the simpler projects we plan to offer).


With all of that said we are considering creating a second ‘channel’ which could cover smaller less complex projects. We will work with the feedback we get.


@ken and @jonkilleen,

As said above we hope that this will be a huge jump in the scale of the project but not as huge in the complexity of the steps.

Regarding @ken‘s second post. We hope that you will see no break in the logic or explanation in the next projects despite the above oft mentioned change in scale.


@psi and @jespiir

Thanks for the vote of confidence.