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Joseph Sellers


Thanks for the question. We do have the tool chest planned as a future project but we are not totally sure of the order that the projects will appear in yet. Here is what is for definite.

There will be two more clock episodes (last one on the 12th December)

We will do a Christmas single episode for the 19th December tool/anything tote. This is a fairly easy project that people can do with their kids/friends etc. You should be able to make it in a couple of days and it may make a good present for someone you haven’t managed to buy for… We are working to organise this with a charity so that some of the proceeds will go to a good cause. Details to follow.

The Craftsman-style rocking chair will start right after Christmas (26 December!). This will be a lengthy project running for 3 months or perhaps a bit more (I will know more precisely when editing is finished).

In Spring 2013 we hope to do the tool chest and a coffee table (these have not been filmed yet and so are not firm plans at the moment). We will probably try to intersperse these with some shorter simpler projects.

As this project ( develops we will try to make a longer term schedule.

Hope this helps.