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Hi Paul,

I agree 500% as the differences you’ve indicated make a very good point. 🙂

I much prefer penetrating oils – rather than surface treatments – and come from a similar school where boiled linseed oil was widely used.  I love the feel and resulting “burnished” finish whilst it allows underlying surface qualities (Texture & luster) to shine through without inhibiting one’s ability to vary end results in terms of matt, satin and higher gloss textures.  It’s a very tactile finish. 🙂

It’s much the same sensation for me with the Danish oil I prefer to use (Liberon Superior Danish Oil/ Liberon Danish Oil), as I find it penetrates and enhances the natural graining in hard and softwoods in much the same way as boiled linseed oil, although faster drying due to additives.  It is low build while leaving a very natural feel/texture to the wood without leaving the resulting surface with the feel of being plastic coated.  If the resulting surface feels tacky/plastic in any way, a quick wipe over with white spirit relieves the surface of excess oil, as this tends to be caused by the presence of surplus finish.

It’s a joy to apply – as well as easy to patch/repair – but much of the surface finish I achieve is via the underlying timber preparation rather than relying upon high build finishes.