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Hi Ken 🙂  I’m a comparatively recent convert to White Gorilla glue after tripping over some being offered on evilbay 😀  The reason I’d opted for polyurethane glue was two-fold.  Firstly because the saw horse will spend much of it’s life  outdoors and secondly because I couldn’t find my bottles of PVA and Gorilla white glue. 😀  I hate the potential mess that accompanies poly glues, but once you’re used to handling them they’re darned good if you want bomb proof construction or maybe something with gap filling capabilities.

I normally float between Evostik “Resin W” or Titebond (Titebond Original for musical instruments) to suit the use and location of the finished piece.  For remedial work on old instruments/furniture I’ll tend to opt for Hide Glue (From loose flakes or purchased in the form of Liquid Hide Glue) as it more closely matches the  oringinal materials and can bond to existing glue without too much need for an immaculate clean up.