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Thanks Paul. Seeing how simple the design of yours is got me motivated to build it. I finally got the dad-gum vise installed. It’s a Wood River large front vise. I’m usually not negative publicly about tools and stuff, but that vise gave me fits installing. It’s well built, but the guide bushings are VERY difficult to install in perfect alignment with the guide rods. There is essentially zero room for error. If the wood screws that hold the bushings in place pull the bushing in the slightest amount off of perfect center, the vice binds. With that said, the design of their small front vice (no seperate guide bushings) should make installation a snap. So I’m not dogging Wood River as a whole, just that vise design.

Im gluing up the wood for the vise face this morning and for the handle I’m going to turn on the lathe. I can’t wait until it’s done so I can start working on a bench hook, and the shooting board. Then on to building a dresser.

Thanks for sharing your skills Paul. Thanks also to the rest of the group for the help and encouragement.