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Hi everyone, My name’s Björn and I am addicted to woodworking videos… ahm, wrong opening 😉

It is relieving to see that there are quite a few of you making do without a workbench or proper shop, too. I live in an apartment block, two bedroom unit, 4th floor, no lift, with my store-away “shop” set up in the room that my wife and I also use as office space, as a guest room, and to hang clothes to dry. And of course it is imperative that I cannot use power tools often, since there plenty of neighbors close by.

I have been working with one of these folding mini workbenches (similar to the workmate, but mine is from wolfcraft) for over a year, and I am quite tired of it by now. So my next (bigger) project will be a compact workbench, but I’m still a bit undecided what exactly it will look like. It cannot be heavy or too long for obvious reasons. Currently I favor the style of the “basic bench” described in Landis’ “The workbench book” (google Ian Kirby workbench for pictures), especially the simplistic bench dog I quite like. Bit it is still a bit to massive for my needs. My version might be a plywood torsion box with a simple vise and the simplistic bench dog, mounted agains a wall.