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    Hi to everyone!

    I decided to create this in the off-topic because what i have to say it’s a bit diferent from woodworking.

    I place some pictures from my first hand carved spoon (ever) and the spatulas i did with a 12 year boy that i’m coaching/tutoring after school (he´s very behind at school because he don’t “fit”… even though sometimes e can do mental calculations quicker then me with a machine). So the kid got potencial.

    It was some time after i read a post about Mr Paul lefting school and something about his teacher told him he couldn’t be thaught that i got this idea. And the totaly confirmation when the late christmas presentes post came out!

    I talked to my wife, (she’s social worker/psicologist), talked to the boy’s family and i “BORROW” parts of Mr Sellers life story and we done it!

    His first project was a spatula, (i carved his name). And the last evaluation tests were better. So i move on and he’s now working in the next project- a small “bird house” and our dead line is before spring.

    My rules are: 1º homework – (some times for english homework i show him the blog and “ours” masterclasses videos
    2º lets go to the garage for woodwork.

    Ps:Mr. Sellers, i hope you wont mine i borrow your story.
    Ps 2: Yes, i desmantle a prouning scissor to do the concave parts of the spoon – i got a lot of blisters in my hand but untill i get a proper knife that will do!

    Enjoy the learning path...!!

    Paul Sellers

    What a determination!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    This is real woodworking in action. Helping and extending that hand to others and then receiving the reward of a changed life right before your very eyes. These are the kinds of miracles I love watching grow. So inspiring to work with what you got and not say it can’t be done because you don’t have a fancy tool or a machine.
    Thank you for sharing and also extending my own dream of preserving the seed of woodworking and craft work in people that really work with their hands. I will sleep tonight meditating on your story Antonio. In fact, can I use it on my blog this week, to inspire others too?

    Greg Merritt

    Antonio your post both inspires and shames me. How many times have I said “I can’t” because I didn’t have the correct tool? More times than I care to admit. The next time I think that I don’t have the proper tool I will think of you and do my very best to find a way.
    Thank you for sharing!


    Well said Antonio. It is great to hear your “can do” attitude – long may it be with you.



    David Gill

    Antonio that is a great thing you are doing and I wish you and Ruben the very best for the future

    Wigan, Lancs. England :


    I was reluntant in posting this. I thought it was bit juvenile pheraps… i would be proud if you, mr Sellers, use this story in any way.
    I must say it was your post with the violine player story that “stoke me”.

    Enjoy the learning path...!!


    What an awesome story! Thanks for sharing! Hopefully this will give the child the confidence to do well in school.

    Eddy Flynn

    well done Antonio very inspiring the world needs more people like you in it.

    Eddy .. Liverpool, Merseyside, UK

    Mark Armstrong

    Agree with everyone else well done very inspiring. 😉

    Dagenham, Essex, England


    Antonio, Great job working with young Ruben. Keep up the good work and post pictures the progress…

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein


    I really like your ingenuity. It reminds me of when I was 11. My grandfather had me shape a piece of wood for a small project by rubbing it on a concrete sidewalk. He said that sometimes you had to use your imagination. Ruben is lucky to have you.

    Steve Follis

    Awesome story Antonio, thank you for posting, very inspiring!!

    Memphis, Tennessee


    It’s called “Paying it Forward”. Something we can all do for others. You give so little and gain so much. Hats off to you Antonio.


    Antonio, the oppertunity came around for me today. A couple of little guys came by my shop and were intrigued by what I was doing. While it took time away from my plans, i wouldn’t have given anything for the feeling I had as these little guys headed home with a tote they (we) made for thier dad.

    Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

    Albert Einstein


    I agree with the expression “paying foward” and it feels very nice!

    Thks for your words.

    Let’s get Back to work!!!

    Enjoy the learning path...!!

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