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  1. Phil, I am truly impressed how well and courteous you answer everyone’s questions. If people paid even a minimal amount of attention to the videos; 90 % of the information they seek, is already covered in the videos. Your patience and cordial demeanor ought to be applauded.

    1. Thanks Tad, that’s very kind of you. We want to help everyone to get started with their woodworking, as I know it can be very intimidating. So anything we can do to help people feel prepared is worth the effort.

  2. Phil, i built this work bench using a combination of resources. Paul’s book was my main ref but the videos both on YouTube and her on WWMC were used, chosing the methods and features that fit me, my skills, and the tools that were availible. Although I have seen and read many articles on how to improve this type bench, I kept mine as basic as pissible. I haven’t run into a single situation where this bench didn’t work without any of those modifucations. I used a Wilton quick release vice and have been very happy with that choice. Now that I’ve had that practice, maybe I’ll make a few more for my sons and G’kids.

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