Reply To: Saw jointing and teeth reshaping.. i’m frustradted

Larry Geib

Right! You don’t count strokes, especially if the teeth are uneven. File until the flats are gone paying attention that you are shaping the teeth the same size.

Sometimes the teeth are so uneven you have to file them completely off and start over. Paul has a video on that also.

But I’ve found that if you go slowly, not cutting one tooth and then the next, but groups of teeth together paying attention to size and shape, you can go a long way to resurrecting a good profile after a couple sharpenings and the saw will cut well.

You can ‘move’ a tooth a bit with filing pressure. I made a file with a “safe” side by rubbing one flat on a diamond plate that helps move a tooth. That moves a tooth a lot, but you can also easily go astray with it.

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