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Larry Geib

There is method for dewaxing I got from FWW magazine . It works with Bullseye or flakes.
Mix about 3/4 waxed shellac and 1/4 mineral spirits in a condiment bottle or old glue bottle. Seal the spout. Shake Vigorously for a minute or two. The spirits will dissolve the wax and absorb it.

Put the bottle upside down for 24 hours and the spirits/wax will rise or the top and the shellac/alcohol will be on the bottom towards the spout. Just squeeze off the shellac. Stop when the oily layer gets to the spout area.
Alternatively, you can use a turkey baster to carefully reach down into the mix and suck out the bottom layer of shellac, neither method is 100% efficient, but you can get close.the condiment bottle method works better if you don’t fill it more than about 2/3 so you can squeeze more efficiently.

The waxy mineral spirits can be used for other things. It is supposedly good for a lubricant for French Polish ( I haven’t done that) or it can be added to beeswax if you are making soft wax.

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