Reply To: Record No. 44 Plough Plane – Long Arms

Joshua Oakes

I was thinking about getting a digital caliper to help fit the longs arms and I could use it for other tasks such as checking stock thickness after planing for example. All that to say I think you sold me on getting one.

Seems like there are a few options for buying steel in a box store or online so that’s great. I’ve never had the need to buy steel before so wasn’t quite sure where to start.

Ended up buying a new set of #44 plane cutters too from The plough I bought only comes with a single 1/2″ blade and I need to make a 1/4″ groove on the current project (Mr Sellers’ workbench). Looking forward to using this vintage plane when I get it. The lee valley website is telling me the veritas equivalent is not available until the end of October! I’m sure this old record model will do the job just fine. Saved me some $$ too.

Thanks Barry