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    Joshua Oakes

    Hi all,

    So I just bought myself a Record No 44 on eBay which only comes with the short arms. I noticed that the original item use to come with 2 sets of arms/rods, short and long – see here Anyone have any suggestions for sourcing long arms for this model? Is it a simple enough part to have made from a metal retailer?

    Thanks in advance,


    Larry Geib

    I have made long arms for an 043 and an 044 by cutting the shafts of long shank spade bits . You can get both long rods from a 16” or 20” bit. With the longer bit, you probably still have a working bit left over.

    They usually cost under $10 USD , so even if you have to buy a new bit it’s probably cheaper to just go to a hardware store and pick up a bit than to order rod from a steel supplier online. The steel is pretty good, but still cuts fine with a hacksaw and files.

    Different size bits have different diameter shafts, so I advise you take your plane to the store for proper sizing. I can’t remember what size I used, but dim memory says something like a 3;4 or 7/8 bit.

    I was fortunate to have used up bits to scrap, so they were free for me. We used a lot of long shank bits when I worked.
    The drill bit actually sized better in the fence holes than the factory rods. The picture is of an 043 with home made rods. The bit is what i think fits an 044.
    You will have to verify. Sometimes the rod diameters are different even for the same diameter bit.

    Joshua Oakes

    Hey thanks Larry, that sounds like an idea worth trying. I’m in the US and I see Home Depot has some long spade bits so just a matter of testing the fit like you said. I can cut and shape/smooth the ends myself so fingers crossed I can get a good fit.

    Larry Geib

    Used tool places often have bins of old bits they sell for a buck a piece or so. It’s more cleanup, though. And you can sand off a little by chucking the rod in a drill and sanding. Then Polish with 600 grit.

    Sizing to your plane is a good idea because the rods that come with the planes changed over time, especially in the early metric years. 043 rods are sometimes 7mm and sometimes 9/32”. 044 rods hover in the 3/8” – 25/64”-10mm range, and the holes can also vary over time. It’s probably whatever they could get.

    That’s probably why my rods fit better than the factory ones.

    Barry B

    hi joshua,

    if you have a digital caliper (sometimes on sale at harbor freight for $10), measure the diameter of the arms that you have. a 3 foot stick of 1/4”-1/2” cold rolled steel rod is usually less than $10 at home depot, or available from mcmaster carr +shipping. it’s easy to cut and file and you will have more than enough for longer arms. if you want tighter tolerance on the rods, or need metric, get drill rod from mcmaster carr, or wherever you can source it locally. it comes un hardened so it is easy to cut and file

    good luck


    Joshua Oakes

    I was thinking about getting a digital caliper to help fit the longs arms and I could use it for other tasks such as checking stock thickness after planing for example. All that to say I think you sold me on getting one.

    Seems like there are a few options for buying steel in a box store or online so that’s great. I’ve never had the need to buy steel before so wasn’t quite sure where to start.

    Ended up buying a new set of #44 plane cutters too from The plough I bought only comes with a single 1/2″ blade and I need to make a 1/4″ groove on the current project (Mr Sellers’ workbench). Looking forward to using this vintage plane when I get it. The lee valley website is telling me the veritas equivalent is not available until the end of October! I’m sure this old record model will do the job just fine. Saved me some $$ too.

    Thanks Barry

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