Reply To: Exterior Door – Laminate Stiles and rails

Larry Geib

I’ve built and repaired a fair number of boats. The two glues that have never failed are the old two part cascamite plastic resin glue and the more modern epoxies. I generally just get the West system products because I’m familiar with them and the seem to have very long shelf life. I still have epoxy from the early 90’ that is good if I decristalize ir by warming it to 145°f. The epoxy will also be gap filling, so your clamping pressures need not be high. In fact, just moderate pressure so you don’t squeeze epoxy out of a joint.

If you go with epoxy, consider epoxy encapsulation, which is just coating all surfaces with a thin coating. The wood will be more stable and boats last longer. Encapsulated wood can still be varnished or painted.
Gugeon Bros, the West systems folks, have o
Lots of literature.