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Thanks a lot for that detailed information (yet again) Larry!

Plane threads have confused me before (and reading online, many others too I think). In the past, I have struggled to find screws/bolts for a stanley 78 that came without a fence or depth stop. Strangely I found that the fence hole in the body would take an M thread (forget which one now, m6?), but the depth stop body hole wouldn’t, nor would the body hole for the lever cap… I suppose someone could have retabbed the fence hole in the past..

On the 44, I looked a little closer after your information.

I did retab the depth stop hole with an m5 tab and that worked. That hole was the reason the previous owner gifted it to me. It hadn’t taken the original thumb screw and they got a new body from the person they bought it from.

The body holes for the fence rods ‘almost’ take m6s. They go in quite a way, a bit loosely initially but then tight but not all the way through. I first thought they originally might have been m6s with the bottom few threads ground away (that was going to be my solution), but looking at photos online, that doesn’t seem to be the case, so I don’t know what they are (1/4 BSW or UNC? or would that be too large to almost take an m6?).

The screw that holds the blade to the body sideways takes the same thread as the screw that holds the lever cap to my stanley 78 body (3/16 or 10-24 then probably, going on what you said). As an aside, I saw from photos online that not all 44 versions have that sideway screw. Tried to look for dating on that feature, but haven’t found it so far.

The blade depth adjustment screw hole is slightly bigger than the sideway screw hole (an m5 fits in half a turn, the 78 screw a few turns but then jams). I would still say that judging by eye (!) the thread of this hole looks a bit coarser that the other holes. I attached a photo of – supposedly – this screw that I found online, and to me it also looks coarse, but that might just be me. I can’t redrill/retab this one as the handle is in the way.

Thanks again!


PS I found a post on another forum that said Record went to metric after Unified and Whitworth on their ploughs. Not sure if that is accurate though.

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