Reply To: Record 044 iron depth adjustment screw threads


Thanks again Larry!

The person who gifted the plane to me checked his screws and both the side tightening screw and cut adjuster were the same thread (3/16 he thought), so it would be weird if Record used two different threads for both holes on my plane body. Maybe the threads were damaged. I’ll keep a look out for 3/16 taps on ebay to see if I can repair it after all (no room for a drill, but a tap might just fit). Hammer adjustments until then…

My local shop also has some UNC I think, so will try to get a 10-24 and see if anything fits those ‘almost m6’ holes.

I don’t have the larger planes with small screws on the totes, so can’t check for the 20 tpi option. Nice to make your own specialty screws!

Cheers again!