Reply To: Record 044 iron depth adjustment screw threads


Hi Larry,

Just thought to give a quick update. I got some old Whitworth taps and this plane baffles me: the screw that holds the blade laterally to the body seems to be a 3/16 (great fit with the tap), but the 3/16 tap is too small for the depth adjustment screw hole (goes in without turning), while the 7/32 won’t go in (too big)… something in between?? Still think those threads look coarse by eye. If 3/16 BSW is too small, I guess it can’t be 3/16-20, right?

Also, the holes for the fence rods don’t look like they’re Whitworth. Nothing fits. M6 is still the closest, but maybe those are UNC. Haven’t tested that yet.

That just as an incomplete update.