Reply To: Stanley side rebate plane No. 79 blades sharpening


You have a very good plane there, except that the design of this type of side rebate depends on the skew angles of the blade and the bevel angle on the other side being exact….. there’s not much leeway, it’s one of these things that you get exactly right at the start, then maintain it through its useful life.

The previous owner may not have realised this; hence the angles are way out of line when compared to the sole.

These blades are a fiddle to sharpen, I can’t deny that, but it is worth it when the plane is set up.

Anyway, looking at the grind marks on the backs of the blades, the good news is that firstly, the dud angles are fixable (albeit with some patient work). You will need to continue to establish the grind line on the back to a point where it reaches both sides – this will give you the new skew angle, co-planar to the body of the plane, to which you need to abrade and adjust the bevel on the other side. Then, turn it over and wear a new bevel edge to meet it right across. At this point, having refined the cutting edge, you have a plane blade that is in-line with the body of the plane.

If the other blade is in the same state, you’ll need to repeat the operation.

Alternately, as far as I’m aware, spare blades are still available….. but even with new ones, you may need to do a little fettling to get the skews to suit your particular plane body exactly.

I hope that this makes sense…..Good luck