Reply To: Planes body not square to sole


In my opinion, that plane is not suitable for a shooting board. That is too much to rectify by hand, and in my opinion, I don’t want that much unsupported blade if I try to correct by using the lateral adjustment lever. One of my planes is a modern, hyper-engineered plane that is perfectly square and another plane is a WWI Stanley #8 that is also perfectly square. It is my favorite shooting board plane. If I needed a shooting plane, I would either buy a modern plane (and return it upon receipt if not square) or I would buy an old plane, but only if I could see it in person and test it with a square and select a suitable one. I don’t agree with others who say to use the lateral adjustment lever. You might do that for very tiny corrections, but I wouldn’t want to do that for anything else. In fact, for tiny corrections, I keep the blade uniform across the mouth and put a shaving under my work to make the correction. That’s just me, though. Also, I want my shooting plane to have both cheeks square to the sole, not just one.