Reply To: More poor man’s tools – pdf of old book

Larry Geib

Many of Hayward’ ‘s books and writings have either been released from copyright , aged out in the USA, or licensed by current copy right owners. Lost Art Press, for example, got permission to publish works ifrom the Woodworker in the USA from British copyright owners. ( no idea who they are, but probably not the Hayward family. )
uSA copyrights for works created before 1978 expire 95 years after first publication or 120 years after creation, whichever comes first. Currently, no work published before 1927 is protected under US copyright law and enters the public domain. You can reprint all the Mark Twain or Longfellow you want. There are, for example, no perpetual Crown copyrights and any work published with public funds cannot be copyrighted. Those works belong to the people.

LAP has four volumes of how-to articles from the Woodworker, another volume of his more literary articles which are quite good and a pocket shop book.
Another publisher, Reader Books, is publishing paperback reprints of other Hayward books, including ones on cabinetmaking and carving at modest prices.

Hayward was a talented and prolific writer. Anything he wrote is worth reading.