Reply To: A question about bandsaw blade thickness.


You don’t say which type or make of saw, but a saw capacity of 108 inches indicates a medium sized machine.

On these machines, you will have adjustment to centralise the saw blade on the wheels, then to tension the blade when it is running true.
Next turn to the throat which, at the cutting point, will have guide blocks (or roller bearings on more expensive machines) to guide the blade’s running and these are adjustable so that, within the saw’s capacity, you can set it to run on varying widths and depths of blade.

Setting a blade is a basic, step by step progression….. not at all complex if you do it in the right order.

If it’s a well-known make you should be able to get a copy of a users’ manual on line, then search about in You-tube for videos on setting the blade guides.
As a caution, be prepared there for contradictions……. it’s a basic art made more complex by too much thought!

good luck.

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