Reply To: Round Over Edge for Extension Table


I haven’t done this on a table, but if you have an appropriate drill, you could drill a hole through a bit of scrap, split out a section, glue abrasive paper on, and use that as a sanding block to even things out. The longer the hole, the more uniform the profile will be, so you might try boring along the grain to get a long block. On the other hand, the longer the block, the harder it will be to work shorter sections. Remember that you don’t really need or want a perfectly machined edge. You just want something that looks good, and that’s very much not the same thing. You could always get a long bit of wood to try making the roundover just to see how well it comes off the bench plane. I wouldn’t assume that the hollow is going to magically make this easy, by the way. Guiding the hollow, not leaving tracks at the edges, and even just tuning / sharpening the hollow aren’t freebies. Also, even without the fancy block I described, simply backing the paper with something flexible, like a foam bad, is very likely to give you everything you need.

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