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Thanks Paul and everyone for the input.  I appreciate it.  Your comments are helping me to solidify and improve my understanding of this topic.

Paul, I’ve read and re-read the saw sharpening chapter in the book (Working Wood 1 &2) and, watched the DVD multiple times.  Each time I do, I feel a little more is gleaned.  🙂  I’m looking forward to the new presentation on saw sharpening.  I’m sure I’ll gain even more.

Regarding saws on ebay, my observations are right in line with Gary’s statement.  The majority of them appear to be filed crosscut.  The more I study the various pictures of the teeth, the more I’m beginning to recognize the difference between crosscut and rip filings.  But many of these saws teeth are in such bad shape, it’s almost impossible to tell what the filing is!  But as Eric pointed out, it really doesn’t matter too much.  Just re-file them they way you want them to be.  🙂  The saws with the teeth in such poor shape lend themselves to that even more.

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