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If you want a small tenon/backsaw, pre-sharpened, your best bet is to get one of the molded-spine Veritas saws.  At ~$70, it’s the least expensive new premium backsaw on the market by at least $100.  These are great saws, and require no work up front to start.

If you’re okay with doing some restoration, then it doesn’t matter if the saw if filed cross-cut to begin with.  Just get out your file and reshape the teeth.  I’m watching a 10″ inch open-handled Disston, 15ppi, on Ebay right now.  I’d post the link but it closes in 20 minutes.  Top bid right now is $38.

Here’s another, 14″ carcase style backsaw @ 13ppi, closes in less than a day, top bid right now $33:

In the US, searching on “backsaw” instead of “tenon saw” may provide more results.  They’re out there.

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