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One project I’ll be getting on with in the new year is a new fitted kitchen in the “new house”, as the existing one is well past it’s sell by date and we may as well be living out of boxes at present lol 😀  SWMBO wants Shaker Style doors and scope to expand the kitchen once I’ve made a few adjustments to internal walls (The present kitchen would be undersized for a single Gerbil, nevermind a family of six), so it looks like I’ve a busy year ahead of me. 😀

I enjoy making most things ranging from cabinetry and on through most house furnishings, but especially enjoy inlaid box work, as well as continuing to produce stringed instruments.

I’ll probably pop my clogs with a hand plane in my hand and a pencil behind my ear and I hope they make my coffin large enough to hold a set of tools and a decent bench. 😀