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    I’m wondering what type of projects Interest everyone, or what you would like to see in Paul’s future projects.  For me, and this is based purely on what I would like to make my self. Tool Chests, Coffee Tables, Desks, Boxes  all types, love making boxes.  Bookcase, Dressers, small shaker type tables, bedside cabinets, frame and panel cabinets. HaHa where do you stop.

    So anyone in the middle of a project, or have one planned. So get posting guys, I would love to hear about you future plans.

    Ken 😉



    I am right there with you, those are the type of projects I enjoy also.  I prefer smaller projects as I don’t have the room for real large projects. It will be interesting in hearing from others.


    Steve Massie, I live in the great State of Florida, US


    Hi Ken,

    I would like all the project you have mentioned ,but inststead of the toolchest i would like

    some sort of hanging toolcabinet because of my limited space on my attic.

    And for planned projects:i am just about to get started on the first project of Paul”s Artisan course,the spatula and than

    hopefully all the way up to the workbench.

    Lopik - Netherlands


    For some reason I would like to see big boxes with veneer and inlay work, tool storage cabinets/chests, bedside tables, bookshelves, spice racks and more clocks.



    One project I’ll be getting on with in the new year is a new fitted kitchen in the “new house”, as the existing one is well past it’s sell by date and we may as well be living out of boxes at present lol 😀  SWMBO wants Shaker Style doors and scope to expand the kitchen once I’ve made a few adjustments to internal walls (The present kitchen would be undersized for a single Gerbil, nevermind a family of six), so it looks like I’ve a busy year ahead of me. 😀

    I enjoy making most things ranging from cabinetry and on through most house furnishings, but especially enjoy inlaid box work, as well as continuing to produce stringed instruments.

    I’ll probably pop my clogs with a hand plane in my hand and a pencil behind my ear and I hope they make my coffin large enough to hold a set of tools and a decent bench. 😀


    I want to make a few wooden toys for my 6 month old grandson. My son who attended Paul’s course with me last year also wants to make something for him.


    Ron Harper

    I want projects that increase our skill levels in a rational manner


    What Ron said.  Plus, what Ken said to start the thread.  Plus chairs.  I really want to make some chairs.  Very, very excited about the upcoming rocking chair project.  Oh, and some more child friendly projects like next weeks tool tote.  I need some more projects that I can use to teach my children with.



    Just moved to NE Ohio

    John Poutier

    I’ll second Ron’s comment.   I much appreciate Paul’s approach to teaching working wood with hand tools. To me that means a step by step approach that will eventually build towards enabling one to venture out toward one’s own interests and requirements.   That is not to say that it needs to go slowly, just that it should be deliberate.  I’ve taught for many decades in my area of expertise and have always found that the success of every complicated event always relys on the basic fundamentals.

    Joseph talked about some day possibly starting another series; that may lend itself toward the more advanced projects and techniques. Then eventually, maybe the two shall merge!


    Yorktown, Virginia

    Brent Ingvardsen

    I cant add much to what Ken has said. I also am looking forward to the chair project.

    Meridianville, Alabama, USA


    Hi everyone,

    I’m looking forward to the rocking chair which shows up in the videos. I’m wanting to see a good technique of building a gooseneck for the top of a high chest.

    George Bridgeman

    I’d like to see some bigger boxes, such as a hope chest or blanket chest. The small box in his book is great but I’d like to learn how to properly install the bottom (as opposed to with glue or nails), put on a skirt, etc.

    I like that most of his projects are focussed on one particular joint (at least in the books!). Boxes are great dovetail practice. The chair looks like it’ll be fantastic mortise and tenon practice.


    "To know and not do is to not know"

    Paul Sellers

    Gary. Have you thought about making the kitch all freestanding and in the Shaker style? This can look stunning and with carfeul thought cabinets can be hung along a full length French cleat ot a two tier floor to ceiling cabinet. Just a thought. That way cabinets can be moved for replanning and whatever. Those cabinets you see behind me are all freestanding and they are all on wheels so we can move them around for filming, but also practical needs in the workshop. They are all made from B&Q 3x2s and 4x2s.


    Hi Paul,

    I love cleat hung units (Wall and floor) as they can give the impression that units are floating above the floor rather than resting upon plinth (I’ll have to chase up a few pictures of past projects) and bet the effect will look stunning when paired with the Shaker style.  It’s a great idea and very much appreciated Paul. 🙂

    The space we have at present is even smaller than a galley kitchen, with minimal room to move about in (Barely 9′ x 5’6″), but will open out – next year – to a fairly respectable 9′ x 14′ once I’ve made a few alterations to the downstairs floor plan. 🙂  I’ve already re-modelled upstairs and converted it from 2 to 4 bedrooms, plus bathroom re-fit, re-wire, etc., but didn’t do too badly over an 8 week work period with help from my son and son-in-law and before we made the final move into the house.  I’ll not mention my wife putting her foot through the living room ceiling (She’d murder me if I did) whilst the re-wire was underway. 🙂


    I like the simplicity of the Shaker Style furniture.  I’d like to make stuff like that.

    Texas, USA

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