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George Bridgeman

I’ve been using the Veritas carcass saw (rip) and it’s pretty decent. As others have mentioned, it’s quite a bit smaller than you’d expect but so far that hasn’t been a problem. The thing I don’t like about it is the handle. I’m also using the Gramercy carcass saw (crosscut) which is about the same size as the Veritas but feels nicer in the hand. The walnut handle is awesome but it doesn’t come cheap.

I also have a Groves & Sons backsaw that is much bigger and heavier. It needed a sharpen (13pt rip) but cuts so quickly and because of the weight and more plate under the back, is easier to control and I can really feel when the saw is vertical. Very different to the other two but a joy to use.

I could write an essay about my issues with acquiring decent backless saws without spending a fortune. I’m currently learning to straighten and tension vintage saws as most of the cheap ones I have got from eBay are far from straight and can’t track a line. Sharpening and setting them is the easy part!


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