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Hi All

Am in as well, name is Dave.  Have always loved building things but never had the opportunity to learn from experts until now.  Am really looking forward to learning these skills from Paul.  I have recently purchased his DVD and Book and so far I have completed the workbench and shelving unit.  Finished up a box last night too!  Never in my life have I ever built anything that turned out square and have always had to “persuade” things to fit until now.  The work bench, shelving unit and box came together nicely with the exception of the box and shelving unit.  I have a couple joints in the box that didn’t quite fit, I think an errant saw was to blame…err…rather the saw operator was to blame,  the shelving unit came together perfectly except the finish, shellac .  It dries so fast that the finish is not smooth at all, its rather blotchy.  I think I’m sticking to danish or tung oil from now on.